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Employee As A Service(EAAS)

Staffing  it the Rocket AI Way.

We have a proven track record of brilliance.

We match your company with talent that have extensive experience relevant to the role you’re trying to fill.  Our developers are screened on their soft skills including attitude, ethical values, energy, education, and English proficiency.

Rocket Speed Ramp-ups

We have ready talent pool for most of your needs. Our developers are well-versed in a variety of technologies, project management and collaboration tools. They have the ability to smoothly and quickly adapt to those used by your company—even if they’re unclear.

Simple & Cost Efficient

We give you great value for access to our talent. Our pricing is straight-forward —  hourly, part or full- time for a fixed price on a weekly or monthly basis. No hidden fees.

Employee As A Service(EAAS)

Technologies we cater via EAAS
  • Java Full Stack - Java, J2EE, OOPS, DBs, QA

  • Python Full Stack - Python + Django, DBs, Dockers, QA

  • ERP - SAP, Oracle, OpenSource, MS Dynamics, JDE, SFDC, Workday

  • Front End - Angular, React, HTML/CSS

  • Digital - RPA, Machine Learning, AI, Data Analytics, BI, Data Science

  • Management - Project Managers, Product Managers, QA Managers, Testers

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