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The healthcare industry of today is overburdened by high costs, incredibly high volume and stringent regulations. These pressures can challenge the quality and urgency of patient care.

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Rocket AI Health Care Digital Workers are an automation technology that uses software to mimic the back-office tasks of human workers, such as extracting data, filling in forms and moving files. It combines APIs and user interface (UI) interactions to integrate and perform repetitive tasks between enterprise and productivity applications. By deploying scripts that emulate human processes, Rocket AI Digital Workers complete autonomous execution of various tasks, activities and transactions across unrelated software systems.

Medical Billing

Collaborate between internal and external stakeholders, with data collection from each stakeholder. Combine all these sub-processes into a seamless, centralized process. Auto-billing process helps Medical billing service providers, pass on significant savings to their healthcare provider customers.

Expense Payment

Create conversational experiences across devices and platforms. 

Integrate existing applications, extract the relevant data, perform bulk payment posting & reconciliation, trigger responses, auto-send payment reminders, and communicate across myriad systems. Reimburse amounts from insurance payers in the appropriate patient accounts in the billing system.

Claims Processing 

Streamline the end-to-end process of managing insurance claims. Speed up data processing for insurance claims and eliminate errors. Identify compliance-related exceptions and eliminate non-compliance of regulations.

Data Ingestion

Intelligently capture data from forms to speed up the ingestion part of the case management process. Collate and match the data with that from external systems to determine eligibility.

Healthcare Workflow Management

Automate remote monitoring, case and utilization management, healthcare operations management and inventory management. Enable seamless patient information for all the points of care and ensure timely relay of information to all the concerned stakeholders. Reduce information inaccuracy and provide superior quality of patient care

Treatment Cycle Management

Collect data pertaining to patient’s details, diagnosis and treatment given in the past from the database. Extract and analyze data in order to understand which treatment plan works well for patients, which disease is diagnosed often, what medicines have been effective for patients and what kind of cases are received often


“I'm delighted to use Rocket-AI Digital Workers. Their low TCO model works the best for my business and have saves over 20% cost of my BPO operations.”

CEO of Leading Mortgage Banker

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